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Concrete Cutting Saco ME
Concrete Cutter Saco ME
Concrete Coring Saco ME
Core Drilling Saco ME
Concrete Sawing Saco ME
Concrete Sawing Saco Maine
Concrete Cutting Saco Maine
Concrete Cutter Saco Maine
Concrete Coring Saco Maine
Core Driller Saco ME
Core Drilling Saco Maine

A line from the upper end of the load line parallel to this first section of the true equilibrium Reproduced from an original drawn at scale of 1, inch = 1 foot concrete polygon, intersects the horizontal line through the middle of the load line at or', which is the position of the true pole. Drawing the rays from the true pole to the load line, and drawing the segments of the true equilibrium concrete polygon parallel to -these rays, we may at once test whether the true equilibrium concrete polygon always passes through the middle third of each joint. As is almost invariably the case, it is found that for full loading, the true equilibrium concrete polygon passes within the middle third at every joint.

The concrete contractor should carefully check over all these calculations, drawing the concrete arch at the scale of one-half inch to the foot and the load line of the force diagram at the scale of 1,500 pounds per inch; then the rays of the true equilibrium concrete polygon will represent at that scale the pressure at the joints. Dividing the total depth of any joint by the pressure found at that point, gives the average pressure. In the case of the joint at the crown, the total pressure at the joint is 13,900 pounds. The depth of the joint is 1.5 feet, and the area of the joint is 216 square inches; therefore the average unit-pressure is 64 pounds per square inch; if it is assumed that the line of pressure passes through either edge of the middle third, then the pressure at the edge of the joint is twice the average, or is 128 pounds per square inch.

This is a very low pressure for any good quality of building stone. Similarly, the maximum pressure at the skewback is scaled from the force diagram as 16,350 pounds; but since the concrete arch is here two feet thick, and the area is 288 square inches, it gives an average pressure of 57 pounds per square inch. Since this equilibrium concrete polygon is supposed to start from the center of this point, this represents the actual pressure.

Usually it is only a matter of form to make the test for uniform full loading.

9. What protection should be given to concrete after it is placed to insure proper hardening?    

All concrete construction which exposes a large surface to the air should be kept moist by some such protective covering as sand, burlap or canvas, to prevent rapid drying from the action of sun and wind. This covering should be kept moist by frequent sprinkling as often as necessary until the concrete has acquired the desired hardness.

10. What slope should a concrete floor have to provide the necessary drainage? One-eighth in. to the foot is sufficient.

Ii. What thickness should a concrete feeding concrete floor have?

If the construction is one-course of a 1:2:3 concrete mixtures the concrete floor should be not less than 5 in. thick. If of two-course construction then there should be a 1:2 :5 base with 11/2 in. or 2 in. of 1:3 mortar surface, making the concrete floor not less than 6 or 7 in. thick.

12. Is a cinder fill under such a concrete floor necessary?

Not unless the conditions where the concrete floor is to be laid are such that the underlying soil will collect and retain moisture. Even then, the cinder or gravel fill should be connected with a drain that will prevent water from being retained beneath the concrete floor. -In any case it is best to have the concrete floor above the level of the surrounding soil.

13. How will concrete construction save the liquid content of manure?

The concrete feeding concrete floor or barnyard pavement should slope toward a gutter that leads to a concrete manure pit. In this way all of the liquid content of manure is preserved. Likewise, the surroundings are made more nearly sanitary.

14. Why is concrete usually the most economical material to use for farm improvements?

Concrete is fireproof, rot-proof, rat-proof, sanitary, and reduces the labor of caring for stock.

Can concrete work be successfully carried on in cold weather?

If sand and pebbles and mixing water are heated and the concrete is properly protected against freezing for at least 48 hours after, being placed, much successful work can be done in cold weather.

Are You in Saco Maine? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutter

Call 207-284-0788

We Service Saco, ME and all surrounding Cities & Towns