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Maine Concrete Cutting Offers Concrete Breaking, Sawing, Removal and Core Drilling In Southern, Maine ME
Reinforced Concrete is concrete which is strengthened by having embedded in it some metal, usually steel reinforcing bar. The component aggregate materials should separately possess certain properties, if satisfactory strength and durability are to be obtained in the structures having these materials in combination. The properties of each concrete material will now be discussed, and those properties in particular will be emphasized which have the most to do with the safe and economic designing of concrete structures.

Concrete Breaking
Portland Maine - Concrete used in reinforced concrete construction should be strong, of uniform quality, free from voids, and thoroughly sound. These qualities are required even more than in massive concrete and ashpalt, as the sections in reinforced concrete structures are comparatively small and the stability of a given concrete structure depends upon the strength and durability of every part.

Wall Sawing in Saco ME - The proportions commonly used in American practice may vary from about 1:1 1/2:3 to 1:3:6, using either crushed stone or gravel. The rich mixture is usually required in structural parts subjected to high stresses or where exceptional water tightness is desired. On the other hand, the use of a 1:3:6 concrete requires careful grading of the materials to produce satisfactory results, even for ordinary concrete work.
Concrete Sawing - The aggregate employed in reinforced concrete construction should be of high grade; only Portland cement should be used, and the brand selected should conform to the specifications of the American Society for Testing Materials- for these specifications are now accepted as the American standard.

Flat Sawing - The sand employed should be free from clay, vegetable loam, sticks, and organic matter and should be of hard, dense, tough material. Siliceous quartz sands are the best, although sands from any durable rock will answer.

Core Drilling in both North and South Berwick Maine ME - Sharp sand was formally a requirement in all important construction, but this property is by no means essential. To be sure, by the use of sharp sand there is a slight tendency toward a concrete of greater crushing strength than when sand of rounded grains is employed, but this influence on the result is of less importance than the size of grain, or granular-metric composition. Moreover, the sharper the sand employed-the relative sizes of the grains remaining the same-the greater the percentage of voids, and consequently the greater the amount of cement required to produce a given density. (The term density is here used to express the ratio of the volume of the solid particles to the total volume of the concrete.) It is now generally conceded that the requirement of sharpness of sand should be omitted from concrete specifications.

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